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Please contact Melissa if you wish to discuss availability and details of any of the following services:
Weddings - It is a special joy for me to play the harp at weddings. A marriage celebration is such a wonderful, sacred ceremony, I’m honored to be part of it. As people are unique, each wedding is unique, and I love customizing the music to the bride and their families. I view my job is to create a joyous atmosphere. Harp music adds just the right touch to weddings. The harp looks so beautiful and the music creates such a good feeling. I have the enthusiasm and experience to create music that fits delightfully into the joy of a wedding atmosphere.

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Concerts - Melissa Morgan has toured all over the world, performing her magic on th harp. Her music is especially popular in Japan and Germany. The President of Ireland complimented her recording, "Erin's Harp." Between the music and her words, audiences are transported; some even close their eyes and see visions. Melissa's music is magical, strong, contemplative, serene, different. The moods and atmospheres she creates are palpable. She adapts the performance to the individual event, whether it's a History of the Harp presentation at a ladies' luncheon, or a full blown extravaganza with stage and lights, costumes and dancers, choirs, cameras and kings.
Composer/Arranger - Imagine your very own music. Music written just for you. Or music written especially for a loved one commissioned by you. What an incredible gift! Therre is nothing else so special, unique, intimate, personal. This is something to last a lifetime, and beyond. Melissa Morgan has written special music for special people since she began composing more than 20 years ago. She has a talent, an ability to capture musically: a feeling, a moment, a look, a personality, an expression, an event. It is a rare gift. Melissa has to work very hard to get it just right. Sometimes the project takes on a life of its own, and moves in surprising directions. Melissa's most recent sequence of compositions was Sisterz, commissioned by Dr. Bradley Eli for his daughters.What began as a pair of pieces extended beyond original boundaries into a whole production, with choir and choreography, which Melissa intends to take on tour. Compositions are not limited to solo harp. Some of Melissa Morgan's creations are full orchestral scores; while some include vocals and lyrics. People are often amazed; some call it uncanny, Melissa's ability to translate into music. For a gift that lasts a lifetime, consider commissioning a piece or an arrangement. A gift of forever. A song that's just for you. Priceless.
Corporate Events - Join the growing number of corporations that use Ms. Morgan talents to set apart their special events from all the rest. She adds a classical dimension to any corporate happening, from the dedication of building, the starting of a new campaign, to the gathering of your top executives. Ms. Morgan brings that something special that only that elegance of a harp can provide. Some of her past clients include Motorola, Sun Systems, and various doctor conferences. She has played at such distinguish hotels as the Hotel Del Coronado, Loew's, and the Sheraton Harbor Hotel. Melissa has played for President Ford, many distinguished corporations, including Motorola and Sun Systems, medical networks, and hospitals.
Harp Lessons - Have you ever dreamed of playing the harp? Has your child ever mentioned an interest in music? Have you imagined what it would be like to have music flow from your fingertips? Make your dream a reality. Sign up for harp lessons. It's never too late. With more than 25 years of experience in teaching to call on, Melissa Morgan brings a quality of joy and fun to harp instruction that delights her students of all ages. Melissa offers private lessons at her home in San Diego. She also teaches groups, does harp intensives, and travels all over the world to share her incredible harp talents with harpists and harpers of all levels of experience. If you already play the harp, consider taking an intensive with Melissa, and be amazed at how quickly your skills blossom. Melissa is expert at taking harp players to the next level, and beyond, whatever their current skills are. Learn to improvise, compose, conquer stage fright, become skilled in a different genre of music. Improve your sight reading skills, learn to play by ear, firm up your foundation in music theory. Melissa Morgan's teaching covers all these topics, and more. The next harp intensive open to the public is scheduled for January, 2003. Space is limited; make your reservation soon. Private lessons/intensives scheduled individually.
Holiday/Special Occasions - Nothing livens up an event like live music; no other instrument adds the grace, class, and elegance of the harp. Make your special event unique. Add the harp music of Melissa Morgan and the result will be instant magic. Melissa has played for such diverse events as house warmings, art openings, surprise birthday parties, 50th Wedding Anniversaries (and other years, too), private picnics in the park, in the limo for the bachalorette party, family Thanksgivings, christenings, church services, children's parties, open houses, Christmas parties, New Year's parties, and other events too numerous to mention. The harp is especially beautiful and appropriate during the Holiday Season; Melissa has an extensive repertoire of favorites new and old. Make your event a treasured memory for all your guests; call Melissa Morgan today!
Presentations - Whether you're looking for an exotic, black tie, formal concert of exquisite harp music, or a twenty minute presentation on the history of the Irish harp for your monthly meeting, you cannot go wrong choosing Melissa Morgan. Her lifelong harp carreer has given her a perspective on her instrument, its capabilities, history, mechanical construction, repertoire, and possibilities. Melissa is a talented speaker and storyteller, well able to keep her audience enthralled. Do something different for the Christmas Program this year; have a harp!

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